Page Last Updated: July 2014

This method is used to perform operations on a static list defined within the Marketo lead database. To add, or remove members of a static list defined within a program, use importToList. Each call to this endpoint has a limit of 1000 leads per call.

Operation types include:

  • Add to list
  • Remove from List
  • Check Membership of List


Field Name



listOperation Required The type of operation you wish to execute on the specified list. Possible operations: ADDTOLIST, ISMEMBEROFLIST, REMOVEFROMLIST
listKey->keyType Required The type of list you wish to operate on. Possible values: MKTOLISTNAME, MKTOSALESUSERID, SFDCLEADOWNERID
listKey->keyValue Required Name of the list you wish to operate on.
listMemberList->leadKey->keyType Required keyType allows you to specify the ID you wish to reference the lead by. Possible values: IDNUM
listMemberList->leadKey->keyValue Required keyValue is the value you wish to operate the list on
strict Optional Strict mode will fail for the entire operation if any subset of the call fails. Non-strict mode will complete everything it can and return errors for anything that failed.

Request XML

Response XML

Sample Code – PHP

Sample Code – Java

Sample Code – Ruby