Sales Persons

Sales Person Endpoint Reference

Note: Sales Person APIs are only exposed for subscriptions which do not have a native CRM sync enabled.

Sales Persons are a type of person record that are the sales owners of lead records.  They are related to lead records by the externalSalesPersonId field on each lead record.  When a lead is related to a sales person by a populated externalSalesPersonId field, the corresponding Lead Owner lookup fields are populated for that lead record in Marketo, allowing usage of the corresponding filters and tokens.  These Sales Person records are only editable via the API.


Describing Sales Person records follows the standard pattern for lead database objects.

By default, the idField of Sales Persons is “id” and the dedupeFields is just “externalSalesPersonId.”


Sales Persons using the standard query pattern for simple keys.  This example shows the user’s email being used as the externalSalesPersonId.  By default the query will return all fields that are populated for the returned records.

Create and Update

The pattern for updates is standard.


The pattern for deletes is standard.