The REST API and SOAP API use different naming conventions for lead fields.

Retrieve the List of Field Names

You can retrieve the list of all supported field names available on your lead records by using the REST Describe Lead endpoint.

Where to Use Which Field Name Type?

Sometimes it is difficult to know which field name type that you need to use when leveraging a particular integration-related feature.  The following is a quick reference for which features use REST or SOAP field name types.

Feature Field Name Type to Use
Lead Tracking API (Munchkin) SOAP
Forms 2.0 API SOAP
List Import (UI) SOAP
List Import (REST API) REST
Webhook Response Mappings SOAP
Email Scripting (Velocity) SOAP


Why does the REST API field sfdcId always return a value of null?

The field ‘sfdcId’ is a formula field which was erroneously included in the original field map for the REST API.  Records retrieved via the REST API do not compute the value of formula fields, so the value will always be null.  To capture the real SFDC ID, you should use the fields called ‘sfdcLeadId’ and ‘sfdcContactId’.