JavaScript API

The following is an overview of Marketo client side JavaScript integration capabilities. You must have a Marketo account to make use of these capabilities. In most cases, implementation simply involves adding an “embed code” to your web property. You may optionally leverage additional functionality by calling JavaScript functions that are exposed by the embed code. Those functions are fully documented here.

The embed code is unique to your Marketo instance because is contains an account identifier. Obtain the embed code by navigating to the appropriate panel within the Marketo user interface, copy to clipboard, and paste into your web page.

Lead Tracking (Munchkin)

Marketo’s Munchkin JavaScript tracking code is key to the capabilities of Marketo. It allows you to generate leads from visits to your website. It even tracks visitors who have not yet given you their personal information, creating anonymous leads that include the user’s IP address and other information. You set up Munchkin use in the Munchkin page in the Admin area of Marketo.

Forms 2.0

Forms 2.0 empowers Marketers to create beautiful, stable, and flexible web forms without programming knowledge. Forms can reside on Marketo landing pages and also be embedded on any page of your website. The core functionality of a Marketo web form can be extended using Forms 2.0 JavaScript API.

Marketo Web Personalization is a Targeting & Personalization platform that helps you engage thousands of prospects on your web site in real-time based on who they are and what they do.

Predictive  Content

Marketo Predictive Content allows you to engage your web visitors with the most relevant content, powered by machine learning and predictive analytics.  Enhance your content with text descriptions and images and embed multiple content recommendations on your website.

Social Marketing

Marketo Social Marketing allows marketers to embed social widgets within websites and landing pages. Social widgets include polls, social share buttons, videos, sweepstakes and promotions like referral offers. The display of these widgets can be customized as well as events captured to create unique user experiences.