Retrieves one or more custom objects using a combination of criteria consisting of zero or one custom object keys.

Returns a list of matching custom objects, all of a single type, up to 100 in a batch, and a stream position token for retrieving successive batches.


Field Name



objTypeName Required Name of the Custom Object
customObjKeyLists->keyList->attribute Required The attribute is a key/value pair that is used to identify the custom objects you want to retrieve. You can specify multiple attributes in the customObjKeyLists
includeAttributes Required The list of custom object’s fields that you wish to retrieve. Passing none will return all values.
batchSize Optional The number of objects to be returned (max of 100)
streamPosition Optional Used to paginate through multiple results sets. The value passed is the value returned by the previous getCustomObjects call.

Request XML

Response XML

Sample Code – PHP

Sample Code – Java

Sample Code – Ruby