Error Codes

Below is a list of SOAP API error codes.

Code Message Notes
10001 Internal Error Severe system failure
20011 Internal Error API service failure
20012 Request Not Understood Unexpected SOAP Message
20013 Access Denied Client is blocked from API access
20014 Authentication failed Client did not provide valid credentials
20015 Request Limit Exceeded Number of calls today exceeded the subscription’s quota. The default subscription quota is 10,000/day.
20016 Request Expired Request signature is too old. The given timestamp and request signature are in the past and are no longer valid. Request can be retried with a newly generated timestamp and signature.
20017 Invalid Request Request is missing an expected parameter
20019 Unsupported Operation Operation invoked is not defined in the Marketo API WSDL
20022 Time range specified in query filter exceeded limit The number of days elapsed between the “oldestUpdatedAt” and “latestUpdatedAt” fields was greater than 30
20023 Rate Limit Exceeded The number of calls in the past 20 seconds was greater than 100
20024 Concurrency Limit Exceeded The number of concurrent calls was greater than 10
20101 Lead Key Required LeadKey is Required but was not provided
20102 Lead Key Bad LeadKeyType is not Valid
20103 Lead Not Found LeadKey Value did not match any lead
20104 Lead Detail Required LeadRecord is required but was not provided
20105 Lead Attribute Bad LeadRecord contains an Attribute with a bad name
20106 Lead Sync Failed LeadRecord could not be updated or created
20107 Activity Key Bad LeadActivityFilter contains a bad activity type
20108 Lead Owner Not Found LeadKey specifies a lead owner that does not exist
20109 Parameter Required Parameter value was null or missing
20110 Bad Parameter A parameter value is bad
20111 List Not Found ListKey specifies a list that does not exist
20113 Campaign Not Found Campaign does not exist
20114 Bad Parameter Parameter Value is bad
20122 Bad Stream Position Stream position is bad
20123 Stream at End Stream position indicates that no more records are available