Partner Sandbox

A partner sandbox is Marketo Engage instance that is used by partners during the software development lifecycle.   Partners use their sandbox to learn the ins  and outs of the Marketo Engage UI, and to gain access to Marketo Engage API services.

A sandbox is provisioned after a partner has been accepted into  the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, Digital Experience.  In most respects, partner sandboxes are functionally equivalent to a production instances.  Partner sandboxes do not have add-on modules installed and have fixed capacity limits in place.  Below is a FAQ followed by a summary of partner sandbox capabilities.


How do I obtain a partner sandbox?

You can start by registering with the Adobe Exchange Partner Program, Digital Experience. Upon approval, look for the welcome email and fill out the sandbox form.

How long does it take to receive my partner sandbox?

Once you have been accepted into the program, the provisioning process takes 2-3 weeks.  This varies depending on the number of requests that we have in the queue.

Keep an eye out for an email with the subject “Welcome to Your Marketo Developer Sandbox”.  You should check your Spam and Junk email folders in case the email is accidently routed there.

How do I access my partner sandbox?

Once your partner sandbox has been provisioned, you will receive an email with subject “Welcome to Your Marketo Developer Sandbox” that contains login information.  You must login and  change your password within 48  hours, otherwise  your password will expire.

What if my password expires and I am locked out?

Send email to  Include the account details that are located at the bottom of your “Welcome to Your Marketo Developer Sandbox” email (Account  Name, Account Prefix, Munchkin ID).

How come my login is a non-existent email address?

The “Welcome to Your Marketo Developer Sandbox” email contains a login of the form “dev@<company_name_here>.com” which is not an actual email address.  This login is simply a machine-generated string that is created during the provisioning process.  The recipient of the email is the actual email address that is associated with the partner sandbox.

Can I have more than one partner sandbox?


Is my partner sandbox prepopulated with lead and/or program data?

No. You may import leads or program templates using the Marketo Engage UI, or create them programatically using the Marketo Engage REST API.

What if I have technical questions about developing against Marketo Engage APIs?

The best way to get technical questions answered is to leverage the Marketing Nation Community.  The Developers forum is active, and is an excellent resource.

Partners may also submit requests to the Adobe Exchange Partner Support Center.


Capabilities Summary

Number of Sandboxes

There is a limit of one sandbox per partner.

API Calls Quota

The number of API Calls is limited to a maximum of 50,000 per day.

Lead Database Size

The number of records in the lead database is limited to a maximum of 10,000.

Email Volume

The number of email sends is limited to a maximum of 30 per campaign run.

Number of Custom Objects

The number of custom objects is limited to a maximum of 2.

Number of Users

The number of users is limited to a maximum of 25.