Accepts a winning lead’s key and multiple losing lead’s keys to perform a merge operation. Returns the ID of the leads and status.


Field Name



winningLeadKeyList Required The key used to identify the winning lead.

Possible values of include:

IDNUM: The Marketo ID (e.g. 64)

EMAIL: The email address associated with the lead. (e.g.

SFDCLEADID: The lead ID from SalesForce

LEADOWNEREMAIL: The Lead Owner Email

SFDCACCOUNTID: The Account ID from SalesForce

SFDCCONTACTID: The Contact ID from SalesForce

SFDCLEADID: TheLead ID from SalesForce

SFDCLEADOWNERID: The Lead owner ID from SalesForce

SFDCOPPTYID: The Opportunity ID from SalesForce

losingLeadKeyLists Required A list of keys used to identify the losing leads.
mergeInSales Optional Passed as a boolean, either as “True” or “False”

Request XML

Response XML

Sample Code – PHP

Sample Code – Java

Sample Code – Ruby