This function retrieves a single lead record from Marketo, with all field values for the built-in and custom fields, for a lead identified by the provided key (LeadKey). If the lead exists based on the input parameters, the lead record attributes will be returned in the result.

NOTE: Lead attributes that are of string data type and are empty will not be returned as a part of the response.


Field Name



leadKey->keyType Required keyType allows you to specify the field you wish to query the lead by. Possible values include:

IDNUM: The Marketo ID (e.g. 64)

COOKIE: The value generated by the Munchkin Javascript. (e.g. id:561-HYG-937&

EMAIL: The email address associated with the lead. (e.g.

SFDCLEADID: The lead ID from SalesForce

LEADOWNEREMAIL: The Lead Owner Email

SFDCACCOUNTID: The Account ID from SalesForce

SFDCCONTACTID: The Contact ID from SalesForce

SFDCLEADID: TheLead ID from SalesForce

SFDCLEADOWNERID: The Lead owner ID from SalesForce

SFDCOPPTYID: The Opportunity ID from SalesForce

leadKey->keyValue Required keyValue is the value you wish to query the lead by.

Request XML

Response XML

Sample Code – PHP

Sample Code – Java

Sample Code – Ruby