Activity Type Filters

Add to List
Add to Nurture
Add to Opportunity
Add to Segment
Add to SFDC Campaign
Add to Smart Campaign
Assign Nurture Content
Capture Campaign Membership History
Capture List Membership History
Change Account Owner
Change Attribute Datatype
Change CRM User
Change Custom Object
Change Data Value
Change Nurture Cadence
Change Nurture Exhausted
Change Nurture Track
Change Owner
Change Program Data
Change Revenue Stage
Change Revenue Stage Manually
Change Score
Change Segment
Change Status in Progression
Change Status in SFDC Campaign
Click Email
Click Link
Click Sales Email
Click Shared Link
Convert Lead
Create Task
Delete Lead from SFDC
Email Bounced
Email Bounced Soft
Email Delivered
Enrich with
Fill Out Form
Interesting Moment
Lead Assigned
Merge Leads
New Lead
New SFDC Opportunity
Nurture Deploy
Open Email
Open Sales Email
Receive Sales Email
Received Forward to Friend Email
Remove from Flow
Remove from List
Remove from Opportunity
Remove from SFDC Campaign
Request Campaign
Reward Test Group Variant
Sales Email Bounced
Segmentation Approval
Send Alert
Send Email
Send Sales Email
Sent Forward to Friend Email
SFDC Activity
SFDC Activity Updated
SFDC Merge Leads
Share Content
Sync Lead to SFDC
Sync Lead Updates to SFDC
Unsubscribe Email
Update Opportunity
Visit Webpage