Upcoming change to Marketo Forms REST API

November 4, 2022 | by

Beginning with the 2022.R2 release, currently scheduled for the week of March 24th 2023, the Adobe Marketo Engage Forms Asset APIs will consistently return only the name of the form without a prefixed program name, regardless of whether the form is a child of a program or not.  This change will make the Forms API’s behaviors with regard to asset names consistent with the rest of the Adobe Marketo Engage Asset APIs. 

To avoid service disruptions, you should review any integrations which use MArketo Engage Forms APIs and work with your integrators to see if any changes are needed to accommodate this this 

Prior to this upcoming change, names returned by the Forms APIs inconsistently prefixed a program name for forms which are children of programs in Marketing Activities.  For example, a form named “Form 1,” that was a child of “Program 1,” may have its name returned by the API as: 

Program 1.Form 1 


Form 1 

Beginning with the 2022.R2 release, the name of a form will always be returned without a prefixed program name.  Using the same example, the name would always be: 

Form 1