Below you can find a set of demonstrative Forms 2.0 web form examples.

Hide Form After Successful Submission

This example does not take the visitor to the follow up page or reload the current page.  [View Example]

Take Visitor to User-Defined URL

This example takes the visitor to a URL determined by JavaScript after successful submission, instead of to the configured thank you page.  [View Example]

Set Form Field Values

This example sets form fields.  [View Example]

Read Form Field Values on Form Submit

This example reads form fields on form submit. [View Example]

Form Submit on Non-Form Click Event

This example submits a form based on a click event on some other element or event that is not part of the form.  [View Example]

Prevent a User From Submitting a Form

For the purpose of this example, you must click the click counter button at least three times before the submit button on the form will function.  [View Example]

Set Values on Hidden Fields on the Form

This example sets values on hidden fields.  [View Example]

Show Form in LightBox

This example shows the form in a lightbox style dialog if the url contains a parameter lightboxForm=true.  [View Example]

Show Custom Error Message

This example shows a custom error message on submit based on custom business logic.  [View Example]