Marketo REST APIs: Lead, List, Activity, Campaign Objects

Page Last Updated: June 2015

The Marketo REST API allows for the manipulation of data stored within Marketo.

This page lists the Marketo REST API endpoints for interacting with the Lead, List, Activity, and Campaign objects. For information about other Marketo REST APIs, search for "REST" on the Getting Started page.

We have a Quick Start Guide for REST API available on the Marketo Developer blog. This guide will show you how to make your first REST API call in ten minutes.

If no native CRM sync is enabled, Marketo leads are related to the company object via the externalCompanyId field.

For examples of associating Leads to other Marketo objects, see here.

When retrieving lead data from a Marketo subscription which has lead partitions enabled, the partition of each lead is returned as 'leadPartitionId'.  The plain-text name of the partition can be retrieved through the Get Lead Partitions call.

Latest API Version: v1

Default Daily API Quota: 10,000 API calls (counter resets daily at 12:00 AM CST)

For higher volume integration scenarios, please contact your account representative to increase your daily API quota.  The quota applies to SOAP and REST API calls only.

Update 4/21/2016: For newer pricing packages, higher daily limits are available.  Please contact your account representative to learn how to increase your daily API quota.  The quota applies to SOAP and REST API calls only.

Rate Limit: 100 API calls in a 20 second window

Authentication: OAuth 2.0

Available Endpoints

If there is an error, the REST API will return an error code in the JSON response, but still return a HTTP 200 status code.