Summer 2018 Updates

October 12, 2018 | by

The Summer 2018 release is primarily a maintenance release comprised of minor enhancements, and defect resolutions.  See the full list of updates below. REST API Enhancements Added support for Email Disposition fields that were unnecessarily omitted originally.  These fields will now be available for reading and writing over REST, as appropriate. Black Listed Marketing Suspended Email … Continue reading “Summer 2018 Updates”

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Welcome to the New Marketo Developer Website

September 6, 2016 | by

Our engineering team has been busy building out new REST endpoints and creating wonderful ways to extend the Marketo Platform.  To keep pace with this innovation, and help improve the overall developer experience, we have given our site a makeover.  Let’s go through a few of the highlights! REST API Endpoint Reference All new endpoint … Continue reading “Welcome to the New Marketo Developer Website”

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Polling for Activities using REST API

November 20, 2015 | by

Earlier this year we published this post that described how to poll for lead changes within Marketo.  This post is similar, but this time we’ll poll for activities. Activities are a core object in the Marketo Platform. Activities are the behavioral data that is stored about every webpage visit, email open, webinar attendance, or trade show … Continue reading “Polling for Activities using REST API”

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How to Specify Lead Partitions Using the REST API

September 4, 2015 | by

Lead Partitioning Marketo Lead Partitions provide a convenient way to isolate leads.  Partitions can allow different marketing groups within your organization to share a single Marketo instance.  For more information, see Understanding Workspaces and Lead Partitions. Suppose that you are using lead partitions and creating leads programmatically using the Marketo REST API.  How do you ensure … Continue reading “How to Specify Lead Partitions Using the REST API”

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