January 2021 Updates

January 15, 2021 | by

In January 2021 we are releasing new REST APIs and resolving several defects.  See the full list of updates below.

Lead Database APIs

Submit Form

  • Added Submit Form endpoint which allows you to perform programmatic form submissions.  Third party forms can now integrate with Marketo forms to take advantage of existing marketing workflows.

Asset APIs

Landing Page Preview

  • Added Get Landing Page Full Content endpoint which returns the serialized HTML version of a landing page.  Allows you to render fully personalized previews of landing pages without having to login to Marketo Engage.  This can help streamline editing and translation workflows within integrated applications.

Velocity Script

Custom Object Retrieval Limit

  • You can now configure the number custom objects available for access via Velocity script.  Configuration instructions can be found here.

Defect Resolutions

  • Fixed issue where Delete User endpoint would allow you to delete an API-Only User that was in-use by a Custom Service.  Now it returns an error “611,  You cannot delete an API user that is being used in API service”.  [LM-141893]
  • Fixed issue where Get Users endpoint would return deleted users in some cases.  [LM-141542]
  • Fixed issue where Clone Program endpoint.  If you specified a program name that exceeded 255 characters, it would return “611, Unable to clone program error”.  Now it returns “701, name cannot exceed more than 255 characters”.  [LM-143436]
  • Fixed issue with Approve Landing Page Draft endpoint.  When you approved a landing page with mobile version activated, you would see content from mobile version in desktop version in certain cases.  [LM-146867]
  • Fixed issue with Unapprove Landing Page endpoint which allowed you to unapprove a landing page that was in use as a follow up page by one or more forms.  It now returns an error “709, Unapprove landing page failed. Landing page is in use by one or more forms as a followup page with form IDs:[formId1,formId2,…]”.  [LM-143326]


    • Happy new year!