Summer 2018 Updates

October 12, 2018 | by

The Summer 2018 release is primarily a maintenance release comprised of minor enhancements, and defect resolutions.  See the full list of updates below.



  • Added support for Email Disposition fields that were unnecessarily omitted originally.  These fields will now be available for reading and writing over REST, as appropriate.
    • Black Listed
    • Marketing Suspended
    • Email Suspended
    • Relative Urgency
  • The Get Leads by Filter Type endpoint now supports leadPartionId as a filterType.

Defect Resolutions

REST Endpoint Description
Approve Program If you had set Block Non-Operational Emails to false when creating the program, a call to Approve Program would reset to true.
Bulk Extract Certain Unicode characters were corrupted in extract output file.
Clone Program
  • If you cloned Email Program, then the SmartList filter logic was reset to “All” in the resulting program regardless of initial setting.
  • If you tried to clone a program that had contained a static list (that was deleted), then you received a 709, “The following assets are unsupported:List” error.
  • If you tried to clone a program across workspaces, then you received a 611, “Unable to clone program” error.
Get Static List by Id If your Custom Service had Read-Only Asset role permission, then you would received a 603, “Access denied” error.
Push Lead to Marketo If cookies attribute was specified in input array lead object, prior anonymous activity was not associated with newly created Lead.
Schedule Campaign If you specified a runAt date far into the future, then the campaign was never run and success=true was returned.  Now if the runAt date is farther than 2 years into the future, an error is returned (1042).
Sync Leads If you specified action=createDuplicate and an externalCompanyId parameter (to associate the new Lead with an existing Company), then the Lead was associated with an empty Company (instead of the specified Company).


  • Removed the following Data Change Value from all endpoint responses: mktoClientReqId.  This was for internal use only.

Developer Site

  • Added error lookup functionality.  Enter a REST API error code into the search box and select from autocomplete list underneath to jump to error description.

  • Added Endpoint Index page.  This is a sortable list of all REST API endpoints in one place.  You can also use this page to generate the minimal set of permissions needed by your application.  This comes in handy when creating a Custom Service.