Fall 2018 Updates

December 7, 2018 | by

The Fall 2019 release is primarily a maintenance release comprised of minor enhancements, and defect resolutions.  See the full list of updates below.



Defect Resolutions

Lead Tracking (Munchkin v155 Beta)


  • Added apiOnly configuration setting.  By default, web pages that contain the Munchkin tag fire a “Visits Web Page” event when the web page is loaded in the browser. In some cases, this is undesirable.  For example, single page web applications that need full control of when this event is fired.  To support this use case, we added a new apiOnly configuration setting.  When set to true, the Munchkin tag does not generate a “Visits Web Page” activity during page load.
  • Added domainSelectorV2 configuration setting.  By default, the Munchkin tag doesn’t correctly handle web pages that are hosted on sites with two-letter country code top-level domains (examples: .io, .co, .ly).  This causes the Munchkin cookie domain attribute to be set incorrectly.  To achieve a better out of box experience, we added a new domainSelectorV2 configuration setting.  When set to true, an improved algorithm is used to automatically set the Munchkin cookie domain attribute.

Defect Resolutions

  • Adjusted Opt-Out cookie domain.  In certain cases, the domain attribute of the Munchkin Opt-Out cookie (mkto_opt_out) was set incorrectly.  The Munchkin Opt-Out cookie now uses the same logic as the Munchkin cookie (_mkto_trk) to determine the domain cookie attribute, including honoring the domainLevel configuration setting.

Mobile SDK

Firebase Cloud Messaging Support

  • Android application developers can now directly use Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) with this SDK.  Details can be found here.