Spring 2019 Updates

March 18, 2019 | by

The Spring 2019 release is primarily a maintenance release comprised of minor enhancements, and defect resolutions.  See the full list of updates below.



  • Added two new Smart Campaign endpoints: Get Smart Campaign by Id , Get Smart Campaigns.  Use these endpoints to lookup Smart Campaign records.  Note that these two new Asset API endpoints supersede these two Lead API legacy endpoints: Get Campaign by Id, Get Campaigns.   The new endpoints provide richer information, the ability to filter results using time range, and the ability to lookup  system background  campaigns (such as those created by Email Programs).  Using the legacy endpoints on background campaigns would return 1013, “Campaign not found” error.
  • Added new Email endpoint: Get Email CC Fields.  Use this endpoint to retrieve the set of fields enabled for Email CC in the target instance.

Defect Resolutions

    • Fixed issue with Clone Email and Update Email Content endpoints where they would return 611, “System error” if the email template contained mktoDefaultSnippetId attribute.
    • Fixed issue with Approve Email Draft endpoint where it would return 611. “System error” when email template contained no components.
    • Fixed issue with Sync Opportunities endpoint where it would return a 611, “Failed to sync opportunity” when specifying a non-existent ExternalSalesPersonID.  The endpoint now returns 718, “ExternalSalesPersonID not found” in this case.
    • Fixed issue with Clone Program endpoint when the source program contained smart campaign with a local static list.  After being cloned, the newly created destination program would contain static list references to the source program rather than the destination program.