January 2020 Updates

January 17, 2020 | by

In January 2020 we are releasing new REST APIs, enhancing existing APIs, and resolving defects.  See the full list of updates below.

Lead Database APIs

Custom Object Schema Definition

  • Added the ability to programmatically create of Custom Object schema definitions. This allows you to define a custom object once and provision it to as many instances as needed.  This allows you to enable users to effectively leverage sandbox and center-of-excellence models.  Also allows ISVs to simplify the customer onboarding process.  You will need an appropriate subscription type to access Custom Object Metadata API.  For more information see Custom Object Types.

Bulk Import/Extract Program Members

  • Added the ability to import and export of Program Members in bulk.  This new set of endpoints follow the existing Marketo REST API pattern for creating asynchronous bulk processing jobs.  Program Member records can contain Program Member custom fields, and/or Lead fields.  For more information see Bulk Program Member Import and Bulk Program Member Extract.

Asset APIs

Program Member Fields as Form Fields

  • Added Get Available Form Program Member Fields endpoint to support use of Program Member Custom Fields as Form Fields.  This returns a list of all program member custom fields that can be used in a Marketo Form.

Email Template Dependencies

  • Added Get Email Template Used By endpoint that returns a  list of email assets that depend on a given email template.  This allows you to quickly understand the impact of a potential email template change, and more easily address these dependencies.

Defect Resolutions

  • Fixed issue where Import Custom Objects endpoint would return error “1003, Partition is not part of the given workspace” when using single partition with multiple workspaces and API user had sufficient permissions to perform operation  [LM-130159]
  • When you update and approve an email template, a draft is created for all of its dependent email assets.  If you used Approve Email Draft endpoint to approve said drafts, then the email template updates were not reflected in  subsequent “email preview” or “email send sample” operations.   [LM-130243]
  • Fixed issue where Get Smart Campaigns endpoint would return isRequestable = false for Smart Campaigns that were requestable.  [LM-131266]
  • Fixed issue where Create Token endpoint would return error “611, Number token value limited to only numbers” when creating tokens with type = number.  [LM-131189]
  • Fixed issue where Clone Smart List endpoint would return error “611, System error” when passed an invalid folder id.  Smart List parent folders must be either a Program or Smart List folder.  [LM-130867]
  •   Fixed issue where Add Field to Form endpoint to add a single checkbox field would not render in the Marketo Engage UI.  [LM-130124]
  • Fixed issue where Approve Template Draft endpoint would return error “702, {id } There is a problem with the email template content.” when mktEditable IDs contained spaces, special characters, or japanese characters.  [LM-130028]
  • Fixed issue where Update Form Field endpoint would return error “709, equal operator should have only one value.” when updating a multi-value “Select” field type.  [LM-111678]