February 2020 Updates

February 25, 2020 | by

In February 2020 we are releasing new REST APIs.  See the full list of updates below.

Lead Database APIs

User Management

  • Added User Management APIs.  These allow you to automate the creation and managment of users, enabling automatic role management.  You can now invite new users, update or delete existing users, query users and roles, and assign roles to user.  For more information see User Management.

Lead Membership

Asset APIs

Landing Page Redirect Rules

  • Added Landing Page Redirect Rules APIs.  These allow you to automate creation and management of landing page redirect rules.  For more information see Landing Page Redirect Rules.


Asset API “_method” Parameter

  • After September 2020, Asset API Endpoints will no longer accept _method query parameter.  This was used to pass query parameters in a POST body to bypass URI length limitations.  To accommodate requests which required this parameter, the URI limit for Asset APIs will be increased from 6KiB to 65KiB.

Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP)

“Change Status in Progression” Activity

  • A change was made to the “Change Status in Progression” activity.  The “Program Member ID” attribute was added to in support of upcoming feature “Program Member Custom Fields”.