June 2020 Updates

June 5, 2020 | by

In June 2020 we are releasing new REST APIs, enhancing existing APIs, and resolving defects.  See the full list of updates below.

Lead Database APIs

Describe Program Member

  • Added Describe Program Member endpoint.  This allows you to retrieve the REST API names for Program Member Fields.  The REST API names can be used in conjunction with Bulk Program Member APIs.  For Bulk Import, these are the column header names placed in first row of import file.  For Bulk Export, these are placed in fields parameter of formatting options.

Programs by Lead ID Filter

    • Added filterType/filterValues parameters to Get Programs by Lead Id endpoint.  This can be used to filter the set of programs returned by supplying a list of program Ids.

Asset APIs

Form Dependencies

  • Added Get Form Used By endpoint that returns a  list of assets that depend on a given form.  This allows you to quickly understand the impact of a potential form change, and more easily address these dependencies.

Email Preheader

  • Added preHeader parameter Update Email Metadata endpoint.  This can be used to specify preheader text.

Smart Campaigns Filter

  • Added isActive parameter to Get Smart Campaigns endpoint.  This can be used to filter active trigger campaigns.

Defect Resolutions

  • Fixed issue where Delete Program endpoint would not allow you to delete a program containing a static list. [LM-113044]
  • Fixed issue where Update Landing Page Metadata endpoint when you specified urlPageName to update the page URL, the page was left in an inconsistent state by creating a draft.  The page URL is now applied to the live page (rather than creating a draft).  [LM-128458]
  • Fixed issue where Clone Program endpoint would return an error “611, Unable to clone program” when you had a program with a smart campaign with a flow step that contained a Datetime field.  [LM-135226]
  • Fixed issue in Sync Sales Persons endpoint.  When you specified action=updateOnly this would generate a Change Data Value activity for all leads associated with sales person, which was incorrect since there was no actual data change that occurred.  [LM-135659]
  • Fixed issue where Custom Object names specified as part of a path in REST API call was case-sensitive.  [LM-136316] For example if CO name is “aWSSaaSUsage_c”, this call now succeeds: /bulk/v1/customobjects/awssaasusage_c/import/{id}/status.json