Deprecation of Munchkin Associate Lead Method

May 5, 2020 | by

With the  next release of the Munchkin JavaScript Client, version 159, we will begin deprecation of the Munchkin Associate Lead method.  Beginning with this version, when the method is invoked, a warning will be issued in the browser console indicating that the method will be removed in a future release.  Once the method has been removed, attempts to use the method will result in failure.  Marketo customers which we have identified as having used this method recently will be notified individually of their use.

For more information on the Munchkin 159 release, see this Marketing Nation Post.


How do I know if I’m affected?

Adobe will notify customers where we have observed usage of this method on their subscription, and will do so several times over the deprecation period.

When will the method be removed?

A final date is not yet settled, but we intend to provide at least 12 months between first notification and final removal.

Why is this method being removed?

More performant ways of fulfilling the same use cases have been implemented and released since the introduction of this method.  In order to improve the performance and health of our services, it is sometimes necessary to remove features which do not perform to acceptable standards.

What should I use instead of this method?

Munchkin Associate Lead has two primary use cases, submission of person data, and association of a browser web-tracking cookie to the corresponding person record in Marketo.  Since Munchkin Associate Lead was introduced, more robust ways of performing data submission and cookie association have been implemented.

Browser-Side Submission

If your use case requires submission of person data from the browser, you should use background form submission.

Server-Side Submission

If you do not need browser-side submission, the REST API offers many methods for person data submission, and a purpose-built method for associating cookies to person records.

When is Version 159 of Munchkin Rolling Out?

Munchkin Beta users will see the changes for this version first.  This schedule is subject to change without prior notice.

Date  Release Type  Percentage 
2020-05-07  Beta  10% 
2020-05-21  Beta  50% 
2020-06-05  Beta  100% 
2020-06-19  General Availability  10% 
2020-07-10  General Availability  50% 
2020-07-17  General Availability  100%