August 2019 Updates

August 16, 2019 | by

In August 2019 we are releasing new REST APIs, enhancing existing APIs, and resolving defects.  See the full list of updates below.



  1. Enhanced Smart Campaign lifecycle capabilities.  Added new endpoints to allow you to perform the following operations on Smart Campaigns: get by name, create, update, clone, and delete.  Complete information can be found here.
  2. Enhanced Smart List endpoints to improve query capabilities.
    1. Get Smart List by Id endpoint now returns Smart List rule descriptions (triggers and filters) when you pass the includeRules boolean parameter.
    2. Get Smart Lists endpoint now allows you to filter the results by date range when you pass the earliestUpdatedAt and latestUpdatedAt datetime parameters.   Additionally, this endpoint now returns Smart Lists that are members of campaigns and email programs.
  3. Added endpoints for extracting Smart List definitions.
    1. Get Smart List by Smart Campaign Id endpoint returns the smart list record for a given smart campaign id.
    2. Get Smart List by Program Id endpoint returns the smart list record for a given program id.
  4. Enhanced the Update Email Content endpoint to allow updates to email header fields for emails that have been broken from their template (subject, from name, from email, reply to).  Broken from template is described here.

Defect Resolutions

  1. Fixed issue where calling Delete Landing Page on an approved landing page would delete the landing page.  It now correctly returns a “709, Approved landing page cannot be deleted” error. [LM-127271]
  2. Fixed issue with Send Sample Email endpoint where it would return 611. “System error” when email had been broken from it’s template.  [LM-127288]
  3. Fixed issue with Delete Program endpoint where in some cases it would delete an in-use program instead of issuing a “709, Cannot delete program. The assets are in use elsewhere or not deletable” error. [LM-125431]


  1. API support for Email Editor 1.0 is scheduled to be deprecated January 2020. Please remember to convert your assets to 2.0 before then.  Attempts to write to or clone Email 1.0 assets after January will result in errors instead of warnings. Learn more about Email APIs here.
  2. To align with Adobe’s world-class standard for security, we will be deprecating support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 and 1.1 starting December 13, 2019. Systems integrating with Marketo that are not compliant with 1.2 protocol could potentially lose access to Marketo Engage services. To maintain your Marketo Engage access, please ensure that all client systems are TLS 1.2 compliant before December 13, 2019. More detailed information can be found here.

Developer Site

  1. All Smart Campaign related content now resides in the Smart Campaigns menu item (underneath REST API > Assets).