Using Multiple Munchkin Tracking Codes on a Single Page

August 8, 2014 | by

Let’s say you have multiple Marketo instances and you would like to send web tracking events like page visits or clicked links to these multiple instances, it is possible to do this with Munchkin.

Marketo tracks visitors to your website by domain (ex. “”). If your hosting this Munchkin script on a domain that’s different than your primary domain (ex. “”), those visitors will appear as anonymous leads until they fill out a form on that other domain.

To accomplish this, add a parameter to the Munchkin.munchkinFunction called altIds. Then include an array of the additional Munchkin IDs where these web events should go, as in the example below.

Replace the highlighted Munchkin IDs (“XXX-XXX-XXX”, “YYY-YYY-YYY”) with the Munchkin IDs from each Marketo account where the tracking information should be sent.

For additional information on Munchkin initialization parameters, see this document.