Integrating Munchkin with Google Tag Manager

August 5, 2014 | by

Google Tag Manger lets you add tags to your website. Rather than manually add each tracking script like Munchkin to the source code of your website, you can put Google Tag Manager on your site, and then add tags like Munchkin through Google Tag Manager’s UI.

In this post, we’ll first show how to generate Munchkin tracking code in Marketo, and then second how to add this Munchkin tracking code to Google Tag Manager.

How to Generate Munchkin Tracking Code

1. Click Admin at the top right of the app.


2. Click Munchkin in the tree on the left.


3. Select Asynchronous for Tracking Code Type.


4. Click and copy the JavaScript tracking code.


How to Add Munchkin Tracking Code to Google Tag Manager

  1. Login to your Google Tag Manager account and Add new tag.


2. Create a new Custom HTML Tag.


3. Copy and paste your Munchkin code into the HTML field and click Continue.


4. Select Fire On All Pages and click Create Tag.  Note: If you have an extremely high traffic web site, you can exclude sections of your site using Fire On Some Pages.


5. Click save, and then verify that Munchkin tracking code is now loading on your website.

* This article contains code used to implement custom integrations. Due to its customized nature, The Marketo Technical Support team is unable to troubleshoot custom work. Please do not attempt to implement the following code sample without appropriate technical experience, or access to an experienced developer.