Spring 2016 Updates

June 1, 2016 | by


  • Asset API – Web Pages
    • Landing Pages are now exposed via fifteen new endpoints which will allowing creating, updating, deleting, cloning and draft management for landing pages.  Landing Page templates now also have draft management endpoints exposed
      • Get Landing Pages
      • Get Landing Page by ID
      • Get Landing Page by Name
      • Create Landing Page
      • Update Landing Page Metadata
      • Get Landing Page Content
      • Add Landing Page Content Section
      • Update Landing Page Content Section
      • Delete Landing Page Content Section
      • Get Dynamic Content Section
      • Update Dynamic Content Section
      • Discard Landing Page Draft
      • Approve Landing Page
      • Unnaprove Landing Page Draft
      • Delete Landing Page
    • Landing Page Templates
      • Discard Landing Page Template Draft
      • Approve Landing Page Template
      • Unnaprove Landing Page Template
      • Delete Landing Page Template
    • Forms will have 21 new endpoints released which provide full creation, editing and management capabilities via the API.  The APIs will not support changes to Forms 1.0 forms.
      • Get Forms
      • Get Form by ID
      • Get Form by Name
      • Get Form Fields List
      • Update Form Fields List
      • Create Form
      • Get Form Thank You Page
      • Update Form Thank You Page
      • Update Form
      • Discard Form Draft
      • Approve Form
      • Unapprove Form
      • Clone Form
      • Delete Form
      • Update Form Field
      • Remove Form Field
      • Update Form Field Visibility Rules
      • Add Rich Text Form Field
      • Add Fieldset
      • Remove Field from Fieldset
      • Get Available Form Fields
      • Change Form Field Positions
      • Update Submit Button
    • When using Get or Browse Programs, SFDC Campaign ID will be returned for Programs which are linked to an SFDC Campaign

Custom Objects

Custom Objects will now support Text Area datatypes, allowing for string fields of up to 2000 characters to be stored in custom object fields of this type.

IP Address Whitelisting

Admin users will now be able to manage a whitelist of IP addresses to prevent unauthorized access via the APIs.  You can read more about this feature here.

Custom Activity UI

Admin users will now be able to define Custom Activity types in their admin menu, and add records to leads via the Add Custom Activities API.  You can read about defining custom activity types here.