Zapier Part II: Marketo Integration Announcement

June 1, 2016 | by

In a previous post, we discussed how you could use Zapier to integrate external data sources with Marketo.  The post presented a hands on approach to building your own Zapier workflow (or ” Zap”) from scratch to integrate Marketo and other apps.

So you like the idea of using Zapier with Marketo, but need help getting started?

Good news!  Zapier has just released a number of example Zaps for Marketo that allow you to get going quickly:

Capture New Leads

Nurture Your Customers

Distribute Contact Information

React to New Prospects

In addition to these examples, you can browse the Marketo integrations page with hundreds of other apps on Zapier, and build your own automated workflows in minutes. No coding required.

Save time and let automation do your manual work. Get creative. The sky is the limit!