Welcome to the New Marketo Developer Website

September 6, 2016 | by

Our engineering team has been busy building out new REST endpoints and creating wonderful ways to extend the Marketo Platform.  To keep pace with this innovation, and help improve the overall developer experience, we have given our site a makeover.  Let’s go through a few of the highlights!

REST API Endpoint Reference

All new endpoint reference based on Swagger UI.  You can find the new reference underneath the “Endpoint Reference” menu, where there are separate sub-menus for Lead Database, Asset, and Authentication.

Each sub-menu loads a page with a list of endpoint groupings:


Click on a grouping to see a list of related endpoints, including the HTTP Method, URL, and friendly name for each:

Finally, click on any endpoint item and see endpoint detail comprised of four sections:

  1. Implementation Notes – Short description of endpoint.
  2. Response Class – Response body detail in two views (Model and Example Value).
  3. Parameters – Request parameter detail in two views (Model and Example Value).
  4. Response Messages – HTTP status codes.


As you can see, everything you need to know about a given endpoint is presented in a concise and uniform format. Dig in!

REST API Conceptual Content

Added new conceptual content for working with REST APIs.  This provides high level descriptions of entity relationships, and how to invoke the various endpoints.  This holistic approach helps you get up and running quickly.  Find this new content underneath “REST API” menu, where there are separate sub-menus for Lead Database and Assets.

Navigation Menu

All new multi-level, collapsible navigation menus.


We arranged the topics into a more logical order, and also renamed a few topics for clarity.  For the most part this should be intuitive, so we won’t spend much time discussing the changes.  If you cannot find information for a particular topic use the search box.  A perfect segue to our next topic…


All new search engine with autosuggest.  Search results now include both documentation pages, and blog posts.  Pro Tip: Looking for reference documentation for a particular endpoint?  Enter the friendly name of the endpoint, select it from the dropdown list, and click it.


Syntax Highlighter

All code samples and API calls/responses are now placed in a syntax-aware container.  The container also contains a toolbar that allows you to toggle line numbers/plain code/line wrap, copy to clipboard, and open in new window.  Pro Tip: Don’t like all the fancy formatting?  Double-click the container to switch to plain code.



We hope you enjoy the new site.  If you are transitioning from the old site and have questions, please see site FAQ here.  Feel free to let us know what you think, good or otherwise.  You can use the “How can we improve this article?” link at the bottom of any page on the site, or send email to developerfeedback@marketo.com.