Munchkin Version 161 Rollout

August 24, 2021 | by

On September 7th 2021, version 161 of Munchkin will begin rolling out to 10% of subscriptions with Munchkin Beta enabled, followed by 50% on September 16th, and 100% on September 30th. This change will affect Marketo landing pages and the version of the file munchkin-beta.js served to external landing pages which are loaded from subscriptions that the new version has been rolled out to. This version fully deprecates the Munchkin Associate Lead method, which is a feature that allowed submission of person data to a Marketo subscription and associated web browsing history with a known person record.  Associate Lead is being removed in favor of more modern and secure alternatives, like the Forms JS API, the Form Submit API and the Associate Lead REST API.  If you or your organization uses this method, you should migrate away from usage by October 12th 2021 when the October release rollout is scheduled to begin.  You can find more info about this deprecation here. 

If you no longer wish to opt into the Munchkin beta, you can disable usage on Marketo landing pages by toggling the “Munchkin Beta on Landing Pages” feature to disabled in the Treasure Chest menu. If you have deployed the Munchkin Beta JavaScript to external web pages and wish to switch to the default Munchkin release channel, you will need to update your code snippet to load Munchkin JavaScript from munchkin.js instead of munchkin-beta.js. More detailed guidance may be found here. 


Below is the rollout schedule as of 8/24/21

Phase Date
Beta 10% 9/7/21
Beta 50% 9/16/21
Beta 100% 9/30/21
GA 10% 10/14/21
GA 50% 10/21/21
GA 100% 10/28/21