August 2021 Updates

August 22, 2021 | by

In August 2021 we are enhancing existing REST APIs, and resolving several defects.  See the full list of updates below.

Lead Database APIs

Bulk Activity Extract

  • We have enhanced the Bulk Activity Extract API to permit users to filter using primary attributes for 6 different activity types.  For more information see Bulk Activity Extract.

Sales Activities

  • In order to give Marketo Sales Connect users more access to their sales activity data we enabled additional sales activity attributes. We added the following attributes to Send Sales Email, Open Sales Email, and Click Sales Email activities:
Activity Attribute Description
Marketo Sales Person ID Unique ID for person record in Sales Connect
Sales Campaign Name Name of sales campaign, if email was part of a sales campaign
Sales Campaign URL Sales Connect URL for sales campaign if email was part of a sales campaign
Sales Template Name Name of email template in Sales Connect, if a template was used
Sales Template URL Sales Connect URL for email template, if a template was used

Asset APIs


Defect Resolutions

  • Fixed issue with the Get Users endpoint.  Users that had been issued a Marketing Calendar license were not being returned.   Marketing Calendar users are now correctly returned.  [LM-152424]
  • Fixed issue with Submit Form endpoint.  In the event of duplicate lead records, Submit Form used to issue a “1007, Multiple lead match lookup criteria” error.  Submit Form now updates the most recently updated record in the same way that the Forms 2.0 API does.  [LM-151990]
  • Improved several misleading error messages returned by Update Lead Field and Create Lead Fields endpoints. [LM-151890, LM-151888, LM-151889]
  • Fixed issue with Get Lead Field by Name and Get Lead Fields endpoints.  Both endpoints could potentially return slightly out of date information.  They now always return current information.  [LM-151202]
  • Fixed issue with Bulk Extract API when using the “range” HTTP header for partial retrieval where the last byte in the range was not returned.  [LM-155141]
  • Fixed issue with Update Snippet Metadata endpoint.  When updating the snippet name or description, the snippet status was changed to “approved with draft”.  Now the snipped status remains unchanged after updating snippet name or description.  [LM-155005]
  • Fixed issue with Add Email Module endpoint.  When adding a module that contained a snippet, it returned a “611, System Error”.  It now correctly adds the module to the email.  [LM-154423]
  • Fixed issue with Delete Program endpoint.  When deleting a program that contained an In-App Message local asset, it returned a “611, System Error”.  It now correctly deletes the program [LM-152876]


  • The Describe Program Member endpoint exposes the updatedAt as a searchable field.  The ability to search using updatedAt is not yet implemented, but will become available in a future release.