April 2015 Release Updates

April 28, 2015 | by

Marketo Mobile Engagement SDK v0.3.2

Marketo now includes marketing automation and user engagement for mobile apps.  Installing the Marketo Mobile SDK into your iOS or Android app allows Marketers to listen for in app events and send relevant push notifications.

REST API Enhancements

  • Custom Objects

New custom object endpoints have been introduced that allow you to programmatically list, describe and CRUD the data residing with a Marketo custom object. 

Note that role permissions were added to provide access to the Custom Object API endpoints: Read-Only Custom Object, Read-Write Custom Object.  If your API user role predates the release of the Custom Objects APIs, then you will need to create a new API user role with these permissions to enable access.  Otherwise, you will receive a 603 “Access Denied” error response.

  • Schedule Campaign – Clone Program

A new optional parameter “cloneToProgramName” was introduced in the schedule campaign API. When this parameter is present, the campaign’s parent program will be cloned and the newly created campaign will be scheduled. The parameter specifies the desired name for the resulting program.