Why We Retired @MarketoDev Twitter Handle

December 2, 2016 | by

We have decided to retire @MarketoDev handle on Twitter.  The account will be deactivated on December 9th, 2016.  Curious why?

Rewind back to early 2014…

We had just launched the Marketo Developers Site to help developers build against our APIs.  We wanted to increase awareness of the Marketo platform, and to lower barriers to entry for developers.  In conjunction with that effort we created @MarketoDev to engage with our technology partners and customers that were inclined to build integrated solutions with Marketo.

Like any brave new undertaking, we weren’t sure how this would play out.  Initially we tweeted new blog posts and new API releases.  Things were good; traffic to the Developers Site went up!  We also started to receive an assortment of questions, which we dutifully answered.

Fast forward to late 2016…

As the LaunchPoint Partner ecosystem grew, the amount of tweet activity increased.  Responding to the volume of questions posted to @MarketoDev had became a large job for our small team.

We received an increasing amount of general product, and sales related questions, which we redirected to @Marketo or @MarketoCares.

We also had found that 140 characters were simply not enough for development-related questions.  Answering these often led to lengthy and involved threads of conversation, an approach that did not scale.

And finally, we analyzed the traffic sources for visitors to the Developers Site and found that the marjority come from organic search, and the “Subscribe Now” functionality on our blog.


For these reasons, we decided to pull the plug on @MarketoDev.

From here on out…

If you are a Twitter fan (and who isn’t), fear not!  Our corporate Twitter handle @Marketo lives on; as does our customer support handle @MarketoCares.

Have a question about developing against Marketo APIs?  Here is a summary of the resources at your disposal.

Resource I am a Marketo Customer… I am a Marketo Technology Partner…
Marketo Customer Support ✔   (included with subscription)
Marketing Nation Community ✔   (included with subscription) ✔   (included with partner sandbox)
Marketo Developers Site
Marketo LaunchPoint Developer API Office Hours