Search by Full Name via Marketo REST API

September 9, 2014 | by

Question: Is there a way to query a lead using Marketo APIs with just a lead’s full name?

Answer: It is not directly possible. However, the workaround described below will allow you to do this.

1. Create a custom field called “Fullname” in Marketo. Here’s a blog post that describes how to do this.

2. Use either getMultipleLeads SOAP API or Get Multiple Leads by Filter Type to query your lead database. Include first name and last name as attributes in your request to either REST or SOAP APIs.

3. After you query your lead database, concatenate “First Name” and “Last Name” for each lead, and store this data in a “Fullname” column.

4. Use syncMultipleLeads SOAP API to push this data to “Fullname” custom field. Alternatively, you can use the Import Lead API, or import a CSV or XLS using the Marketo UI.

5. Now you will be able to query by full name using Get Multiple Leads by Filter Type API to search for this custom field. Specify “Fullname” as “filterType” and “filterValue” would be “Joe Johnson”with a Get Multiple Leads by Filter Type REST API call.