October 2021 Updates

October 25, 2021 | by

In October 2021 we are enhancing existing REST APIs, and resolving several defects.  See the full list of updates below.

Lead Database APIs

Submit Form

  • We have enhanced the Submit Form endpoint to support program member custom fields as part of the form submission.  Optionally, a program can be specified as program to add form to, and/or the program to add program member custom fields to as described here.

Program Membership

  • We have enhanced the Get Program Members endpoint to support date range based queries based on updatedAt attribute.  This is done by passing starting and ending datetime parameters as described here.

Lead Fields

Defect Resolutions

  • Fixed issue with User Management API.  Pertains to Marketo users that are configured for use with Sales Insight.  These users are now returned by Get Users endpoint, and these users may now be deleted using Delete User endpoint.  [LM-155864]
  • Fixed issue with Add Rich Text Field endpoint.  When adding a rich text field that is longer than 65k characters to email, landing page, snippet, or form, it returned a “611, System Error”.  It now returns error “701, Operation cannot be completed.  ‘content’ exceeds maximum length of 65,535 bytes”.  [LM-156706]