July 2015 Release Updates

July 17, 2015 | by


  • Sales Person API

New sales person endpoints have been introduced that allow you to programmatically list, describe, and CRUD the data residing within a Marketo sales person object.  In addition, a sales person can be assigned to a lead, opportunity, or company.  This is done by specifying an “externalSalesPersonId” attribute when calling the Create/Update/Upsert endpoint for lead, opportunity, or company.

Note:  Role permissions were added to provide access to the Program endpoints: Read-Only Sales Person, Read-Write Sales Person.  If your API user role predates the release of the Sales Person APIs, then you will need to update your API user role with these permissions to enable access.  Otherwise, you will receive a 603 “Access Denied” error response.

  • Asset API – Landing Page Template

New landing page template endpoints have been introduced that allow you to programmatically list, create, and update the data associated with a landing page template.

  • Asset API – Segments

Two segment-related endpoints have been introduced:

Get Segments

Get Segmentation by Id

  • Fixed issue where Get Folder by Name was not honoring the “workSpace” parameter.  [LM-61059]
  • Made several performance improvements to the Custom Object APIs.