Insert a Marketo Form into an RTP campaign

December 20, 2015 | by

Many marketers are interested in placing a Marketo Form into a Marketo Real-Time Personalization (RTP) campaign. Whether it’s a Dialog, In Zone or Widget RTP campaign type, you can copy your Form HTML code and paste it into RTP’s campaign editor.

I’ve seen these examples of this being used:
– Getting visitors to sign up to your newsletter after a 2nd or 3rd click on your site
– Quick, effective sign up form for webinars
– Downloading a gated case study
– Offering leads that unsubscribed in the past to re-subscribe

Fill out a form in the campaign and receive the thank you or content requested, resulting in one less clicks to get to your goals. So, here goes the explanation of how to do this and embed a Marketo Form 2.0 into a Marketo RTP campaign.

See a great example below from eMarketer, RTP users that took it one step further and instead of directing the visitors to a thank you page – decided to display a Thank You message within the RTP campaign.

The code for this option is also below.

Enjoy and I will be happy to hear about your experience with it!

  1. Right click on an approved form. Select Embed Code.
  2. Copy the Code.
  3. In Marketo RTP, go to Campaigns.
  5. In the Rich Text Editor, click on the HTML icon.
  6. Paste the form embed code into the HTML Source Editor. Click Update.
  7. The form will not display in the editor view, but you can preview it to see how it will render in a campaign.
  8. Click Launch to start the campaign.


Any changes to the form must be done within Marketo’s Marketing Activities in Edit Draft of the Form.