Fall 2017 Updates

December 15, 2017 | by

In the Fall 2017 release, we are releasing several enhancements to our Asset APIs.  See the full list of updates below.

Asset APIs

Browse Programs by Date Range

We have added the ability to get programs by date range to our Get Programs endpoint.  This is done using the earliestUpdatedAt and latestUpdatedAt parameters.  You can set either or both parameters with the datetime of your choice to return only programs which have been created or updated between the two datetimes.

Preview Email

You many now preview an email using the Get Email Full Content endpoint, which returns the serialized HTML version of an email.  All tokens, snippets, dynamic content, and embedded components are fully rendered.  An optional leadId parameter may be passed to impersonate a given lead.

Replace HTML of Email 2.0

We have added the Update Email Full Content endpoint to allow you to replace blocks of HTML email content.  If you edit the HTML code of a Marketo email using the Marketo Email 2.0 Editor, then the relationship between the email and its template is broken, more about that here.  Using this endpoint, you can programmatically update the HTML contents of an email whose relationship has been broken.

In addition, we have modified all other email lifecycle-related endpoints to be compatible with emails where the relationship has been broken:

  • Approve Email Draft
  • Unapprove Email
  • Delete Email
  • Discard Email Draft
  • Clone Email
  • Update Email Metadata

Other Enhancements

Bulk Extract

Developer Site – Download Swagger Definition

  • Fixed several “semantic errors” that were generated by  Swagger Editor when using definitions downloaded from Marketo Developers.