Winter 2018 Updates

March 2, 2018 | by

In the Winter 2018 release, we are releasing a few enhancements to our APIs.  See the full list of updates below.

Asset APIs

Activate/Deactivate Trigger Campaigns

We have added the ability to activate and deactivate trigger campaigns, which can simplify the process of automating your program templates. This is achieved by calling two newly added endpoints: Activate Smart Campaign, Deactivate Smart Campaign.  See Trigger section in Campaigns documentation for details.

Get Program by Name

Added two parameters to Get Program by Name endpoint to facilitate retrieval of program costs and program tags.  See includeCosts and includeTags parameters in Programs documentation for details.

Other Enhancements

Bulk Extract

The Bulk Extract API is now “workspace aware”.  When you create an API-Only User for a Custom Service, you must select a User Role with API Access for one or more workspaces.  Previously, the Custom Service was granted access to all workspaces.  Now, the Custom Service is granted access to only the workspace(s) that were selected during API-Only User creation.