May 2021 Updates

May 7, 2021 | by

In May 2021 we are releasing new REST APIs, enhancing existing REST APIs, and resolving several defects.  See the full list of updates below.

Lead Database APIs

Program Members

Bulk Custom Object Extract

Custom Fields Metadata

  • Added Custom Field Metadata APIs that allow you to create, update, and retrieve metadata for lead fields.  For more information see REST API > Lead Database > Leads.

Experience Cloud Id Support (ECID)

Bulk Lead Import & Company Association

  • We have enhanced the Bulk Lead Import API to support adding leads to company records during the import process.  This is done by including the externalCompanyId field to the import file.

Asset APIs


  • We have enhanced several Program endpoints to provide parity with functionality found in the Marketo Engage UI.  We have enhanced the Create Programs and Clone Programs endpoints to permit create, clone, or move operations on event programs.  This is for users that organize event programs by “nesting” them underneath other program types.  We have also enhanced the Delete Program endpoint to permit deletion of programs that contain the following assets: Push Notifications, In-App Messages, Reports, Landing Pages with Embedded Social Assets.

Sensitive Field Support

Channel Status Type

Defect Resolutions

  • Fixed issue with Delete Program endpoint.  If you tried to delete a program in a shared folder, it would return “611, System Error”.  Now it returns ” “Target program is in a shared folder and cannot be deleted.  The folder must be unshared before attempting deletion.”  [LM-149405]
  • Fixed issue with Clone Program endpoint.  If you tried to clone a program that contained a DateTime in a flow step, it would return “611, System Error”.  Now it successfully clones the program.  [LM-135226]
  • Fixed issue with Create Programs endpoint that inadvertently allowed you to create a program underneath an email program (which is not allowed).  [LM-150648]
  • Fixed issue with Clone Program endpoint.  If you cloned a program that contained a landing page, the name of the landing page in the target program was missing an underscore between program name and landing page name.  e.g. http://<pod><munchkin>/<program name>_<LP name>.html  [LM-149488]


  • The previously released Describe Program Member endpoint (/rest/v1/program/members/describe.json) has been superceded by a new version of Describe Program Member (/rest/v1/programs/members/describe.json).  This is to standardize on a common set of API names for program member fields across all program member related endpoints.  For example, the old API name for “Acquired By” was “Acquired By” and the new API name is “acquiredBy”.  We encourage you to migrate to the new endpoint and use the new API names.  The old endpoint will continue to function but will no longer be maintained.
  • The Change Lead Program Status endpoint has been superceded by Sync Program Member Status.  Currently the two endpoints are functionally equivalent.  We encourage you to migrate to Sync Program Member Status.  Change Lead Program Status will continue to function but will no longer be maintained.
  • In January 2021 there was a minor change in behavior in our Bulk Extract Activity API due to a backend infrastructure component upgrade. Before the upgrade, when the database entry associated with primaryAttributeValueId field contained a null value, the API exported a 0 for that field.  After the change, a null value is exported as null.  If you have an integration that is impacted by this change, please adjust how you consume the primaryAttributeValueId field.  Assume that the field can now contain an integer or null as a value.