Integrating Litmus with Marketo

November 18, 2014 | by

Litmus is a service for testing emails across browsers and email clients. Litmus also provides analytics around emails including clicks, opens, deletions. This post will show you how to integrate Marketo with Litmus.

Step One: When setting up your email program in Marketo, click “My Tokens” on the program dashboard




Step Two: Drag “Email Script” token to the middle panel to add it.


Step Three: Name the token and click “Click to edit”


Step Four: On the right, underneath “Standard Objects,” expand the “Lead” category. Find the “Email Address” field and check the box. In the empty script space on the left of this same page, paste in the tracking code provided by Litmus. In the Litmus code, replace every instance of {{lead.Email Address}} with ${lead.Email}. Click Save to close the lightbox window and click “Save” again on the tokens page.



Step Five: Make note of the name of the token {{my.LitmusToken}}. Open the email you want to track. At the very bottom of your email, place your new script token. You can also add default information to match the Litmus version {{my.LitmusToken:default=editme}}.



When the email is sent, the script will be placed into the email by Marketo.