Merge Anonymous Visitor Activity when Visitor Fills Out Form

April 22, 2014 | by

In the blog post titled, “Capture Anonymous Visitor Activity Based on Business Logic,” we discussed how to create anonymous lead records in Marketo based on custom events. In this blog post, we will build on that post, and associate an anonymous lead record with a known user after you receive the user’s contact information.

Marketo’s Munchkin tracking code helps you track visits to your website. The first time someone visits a page on your website that has the Munchkin tracking code, Marketo creates an anonymous lead and uses a browser cookie to track them. Once they identify themselves, they become a known lead and the history associated with their browser cookie is merged in their Marketo lead record.

Anonymous leads are created when someone:

  1. Visits your Marketo landing page the first time
  2. Visits a page that has Munchkin tracking code
  3. Clicks the View as Web Page link in a Marketo email

An anonymous lead is merged into a new or existing known lead when someone:

  1. Clicks a link in a Marketo email
  2. Fills out a Marketo form
  3. Uses one of the techniques below to associate an anonymous lead with a known record.

To submit person data, or associate a browser web-tracking cookie to the corresponding person record in Marketo, use one of the following techniques:

Browser-Side Submission

If your use case requires submission of person data from the browser, you should use background form submission.

Server-Side Submission

If you do not need browser-side submission, the REST API offers many methods for person data submission, and a purpose-built method for associating cookies to person records.