Mobile FAQ

How do I obtain the Marketo MME SDK?

Marketo’s developer documentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to download and install the MME SDK for iOS, Android, and PhoneGap. For Android, the SDK is downloaded directly. For iOS and PhoneGap, the SDK/Plugin is downloaded indirectly using CocoaPods or Cordova CLI respectively.

How do I find out what has changed in the Marketo MME SDK?

Each time Marketo releases a new version of the Marketo MME SDK, we publish a README file along with the SDK on GitHub. The README describes the important changes made to the SDK: Android, iOS, PhoneGap.

How do I upgrade to the latest SDK?

The README files on GitHub contain instructions on how to upgrade your SDK.

Is there a demo app that I can use to try out the SDK installation?

At present, we do not have a demo app.

What platforms/devices are supported?
Supported Platforms Supported Devices
iOS8.0+ iPhone devices with iOS6.0 and above
Android API 14+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) Android devices with API 14 and above
Is Apple Watch supported?

The Marketo MME SDK currently does not support the presentation of in-app messages on Apple Watch.

What versions of the Marketo MME SDK support push and in-app messages?
MME SDK Version Supports Push Notifications Supports In-App Messages
Version 0.5
Version 0.6+
What push notification features does the Marketo MME SDK support?

Currently the Marketo MME SDK supports Messages and Sound. It does not support Badge, Silent Notification, Action Categories (e.g. Yes/No, Ignore/Respond), or Localization.

What in-app notification features does the SDK support?

Currently the Marketo MME SDK supports Full Screen and Popup notifications. It does not support Duration or Animation notifications.

Is Xamarin supported for hybrid apps?

No. Currently Marketo supports the PhoneGap plugin for hybrid apps.

Will a person who opted out of push receive in-app messages?

Yes, with a few caveats. In-app messages can be sent to your entire app audience, not just those that opted-in to push notifications. Caveats:

  • iOS7 users can only receive in-app messages if they are opted in to receive push messages.
  • iOS8 users will receive in-app messages even if opted out of push, except if they have disabled the Background App Refresh feature.
  • As a developer, you can allow your users to disable in-app messages if you would like to give users the choice.
How can I get support regarding Marketo MME mobile SDK?

Marketo support is available to you to help you troubleshoot your app-SDK integration. To begin the process, please enter a support case or send an email. In your support case or email, describe the issue in as much detail as possible and provide instructions on how to reproduce the issue. If you have isolated the code that is causing the issue, include the code snippet as well.

Also, please include the following to help us track down the issue:

  • MME SDK version number or PhoneGap plugin version number
  • iOS or Android version (e.g. 8.0.3)
  • Device model (e.g. iPhone 5, iPad 2)
  • For iOS developers, your Xcode version number and the Xcode log console output that shows the stack trace and errors